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About Us | Therapy Works for Kids - Havertown, PA

Therapy Works for Kids of Havertown, PA is an innovative therapy center, created to help children with special needs learn to develop their life skills in a nurturing environment. They are owner operated, and for the past 12 years they have offered individualized therapeutic services to families throughout Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County. Children of all ages are welcomed into programs that exist in order to help them overcome various conditions. These include:

• Learning Disabilities
• Developmental Delays
• Autism
• Pervasive Developmental Disorder
• Asperger’s Syndrome
• Language & Communication Delay
• Visual Perceptual & Visual Motor Deficits
• Sensory Processing Disorders
• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
• Selective Mutism
• Down Syndromes
• Cerebral Palsy
• Other Genetic Syndromes

Therapy Works for Kids of Havertown, PA focuses on function and abilities, rather than on the disability. They go beyond addressing only symptoms to providing comprehensive and individualized intervention at the neurological level. This addresses the underlying needs of the child. Also, rather than teaching splinter skills, their certified occupational therapists focus on holistic, integrated skills, which help children reach their full potential for life.

Interventions, whether individual or done over several sessions, are always child-centered, making meetings and activities fun, yet highly effective. Using developmental approaches and sensory integration, Therapy Works for Kids will give your child the opportunity to master the developmental milestones necessary to thrive in their home, school, and social environments. Call to speak with a therapist today to learn how your child can benefit from the range of services offered.

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