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If your child is facing challenges impacting his daily activities, play, learning, or being engaged and reciprocal in social situations/group, the occupational therapy programs at Therapy Works for Kids of Havertown, PA can help. They offer various approaches to treatment that differ from common methods: the Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy (SIOT). This unique type of occupational therapy gives your child an opportunity to experience the world in a totally new way. The intervention is designed to help your child fell and process input in their body while interacting and engaging. The therapists at Therapy Works for Kids of Havertown address the underlying challenges that cause behaviors, dys-regulation and developmental delays, resulting in phenomenal growth and progress.

Therapy Works for Kids of Havertown's programs, including Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy, are individually developed after a thorough evaluation. They offer various intensive and weekly intervention plan developed to meet the needs of the family.

Rather than simply seeking to treat the immediate outward symptoms arising from autism, cerebral palsy, and other conditions, SIOT addresses the underlying issues that cause behavioral symptoms, difficulty in learning and comprehension, gross and fine motor delays, and challenges with social reciprocity. All the therapists working with your child at Therapy Works for Kids of Havertown, PA are highly trained in many type of intervention to fully understand your child's profile.

The center's certified therapists give every child one-on-one time as well as small group opportunities.

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